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Gujian 3 is the latest to the date release of Chinese series, first introduced in 2010 by Aurogon Info u0026 Tech Shanghai. The game allows…

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Product description​

Gujian 3 is a mass 3D single-person RPG developed by Aurogon Info & Tech (Shanghai), a subsidiary of Wangyuan Shengtang. As the latest hit of the Gujian series, it boasts more free and smooth combat experience with its full real-time combat system. This generation expands the world of Gujian based on previous works. The vivid and beautiful graphic style brings the scenery, people and stories from an ancient time to life and truly makes the game world alive!The story background of Gujian 3 is a fantasy world built upon the elements of ancient China, therefore, players will experience rich cultural context all over the game, adding daring and limitless imagination to this oriental fantasia.

Classic Single-player Game, Brand New All-real-time Combat

Start fighting directly after entering combat without switching into combat scene. Enemies will take cover using the terrain and environment objects and try to ambush the player.Free combo between light and heavy attacks will generate Energy and Morale points while dealing damage, releasing powerful Special Attack/Morale Attack when reaching certain Energy/Morale value.During combat, characters can switch to defense stance or dodge attacks at any time. However, these would cost Stamina points, so players will need to choose their strategies wisely according to the situation to keep their fights under control.

Constellation System and Powerful Pact Creatures

A simplified Constellation System that shows each character’s Constellation builds. Players can check and adjust Constellation with just a few clicks.Make pacts with various creatures by fulfilling their conditions, then summon Pact Creatures to assist you in combat or at Lotuscape. Each race has different skills that could greatly increase combat efficiency when used properly.

Enjoy Your Life in a Fully-updated Lotuscape System

New feature of the Lotuscape System allows players to invite artisans to Lotuscape for researching and crafting. Control Percy to help artisans solve unexpected troubles they encounter during their research. When the research is complete, artisans will be able to make them in batch.Besides combat participation, pact creatures can also assist players in Lotuscape duties including farming, mining and exploring. When they’ve gained enough experience points, the creatures will level up and be of much greater assistance. More options when decorating Lotuscape. Find or craft houses, fences, floors, plants, rockery hills, tables, chairs and other items and decorate the Lotuscape courtyard of your own style.

Key features

  • Beautiful oriental world – fantastic 3D graphics makes the game world looks and feels alive.
  • Fast-paced real-time combat – for the first time in the series, players have a chance to test their skills against deadly enemies.
  • Challenging enemies – thanks to the advanced SI system, enemies will not run straight under your blade. They are tricky, fast, and extremely dangerous.
  • Variety of activities – while resting from exhausting duels, relax on your farm or play cards.
  • Riches of the Chinese culture – get closer with the Chinese legends and myths, omnipresent in the game.