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暖雪 Warm Snow is a 2D roguelike adventure telling you a story of a lone warrior Bi-an. Take part in a crusade against the Five Great Clans and learn the truth about this dark fantasy world.

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Product description​

暖雪 Warm Snow video game is a roguelike action game set in a mysterious and dark fantasy world. It was released in January 2022, and it has received mostly positive reviews. The game is praised for interesting gameplay that will keep you playing for hours on end and its wide character customization options.

Become a lone warrior who will battle against the Five Great Clans. Defeat all the challenging bosses with melee or ranged weapons. You will even be able to throw your swords at the enemies! You will need cunning, quick reflexes and all the possible resources to find the truth behind the Five Great Clans and this mysterious and dark fantasy world.

Different combinations

Embark on an adventure on which you will face various challenges and pick your own favourite play styles. Choose from six sects and a number of excaliburs. Each playthrough will feel fresh and unique.

Character development options

Decide on how you would like to grow stronger. Choose your own path of development and boost your abilities to your liking.

Throwing sword system

It is possible to snipe the enemies from afar, however, it is much more satisfying to get into the fights headfirst. Use the challenging throwing sword attacks and use some magic to recall them. Don't be surprised if it changes your playstyle considerably.

Key features:

  • Thrilling 2D adventure in a dark fantasy world
  • Satisfying and challenging flying sword system
  • Gruesome bosses with unique attack patters
  • Detailed character development options
  • Countless combinations of playing styles