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AoM: Extended Edition is an RTS game set in times of gods and monsters. Build overwhelming armies and lead them against your foes in this remake of 2002 classic, improved with updated graphics and other features.

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Product description​

Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy roleplaying game for PC, developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. AoM is a spinoff of the Age of Empire series. However, in this game historical events are replaced by mythical inspirations.  The game’s storyline is set in the world where gods from different mythologies exist alongside men and features many legendary characters like Odysseus and Ajax – heroes of the trojan war. Extended Edition of AoM introduces new features, such as improved graphics, enhanced observer mode, and Steam achievements, as well as the Titans expansion pack.

The essence of real-time strategy gameplay

Age of Mythology’s gameplay emphasizes massive scale battles between armies of units. The player’s task is to advance their forces through the map, defeating enemy legions and conquering their cities along the way. The game is divided into four distinct “Ages”, during which the player unlocks new units and technologies: the Archaic Age, Classical Age, the Heroic Age and the Mythic Age. The types of units under the player’s command include classic ones, like infantry, cavalry, and naval units, in AoM dubbed “human units”. There are also heroic and mythic units, the latter ones being legendary creatures the player may control in battle.  Aside from battle, the player can also develop their settlement, building economic, military and defensive structures. Developing the player’s city increases the number of units available in battle.

Story of myths and legends

The story of AoM game begins thousands of years ago in the city of Atlantis Arkantos, an Atlantean general, returns home after years of warfare, to reunite with his son. However, upon arrival, he is ordered by the city council to aid Agamemnon in his war against Troy. As he is about to set sail, Atlantis is attacked by krakens and pirates lead by Arkantos’ nemesis – the minotaur Kamos. During the battle for the city, the trident from the statue of Poseidon is stolen. Arkantos chases after the pirates, and after retrieving the treasure and sending it home, he embarks on the journey which will see him through distant lands and mythologies.


Age of Mythology Extended Edition received positive reviews from critics and fans. The game was compared rather favorably to the 2002 original, with reviewers praising updated graphics, which significantly improved the visuals of the title. Players were also satisfied with the title, praising the mythological setting, the tone of the game and overall aesthetics.

The Extended Edition includes: 

  • Age of Mythology 
  • Age of Mythology: The Titans 
  • Golden Gift Campaign 

Key features:

  • Myths and legends realized! Enter the world where gods and monsters exist alongside humans and embark on an epic journey.
  • The world-spanning story! As Arkantos, travel from the Aegean Sea to the deserts of ancient Egypt and frozen North, encountering heroes and deities along the way.
  • Classic RTS gameplay! Build vast armies, made of humans and monsters alike, and challenge your opponents.
  • Arkantos the Builder! Create settlements to support your growing numbers and provide an economic and military advantage.
  • Enjoy improved graphics and additional content! Offered by the updated version of 2002 classic.