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The cursed city of Aphes conceals many threats as Hilda explores it in a desperate attempt to find her missing father. Play Asterigos: Curse of the Stars and discover unique soulslike gameplay inspired by Roman and Greek …

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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is a single-player indie role-playing game developed by Acme Gamestudio and released by tinyBuild in 2022. Get ready for adrenaline-fueled souls-like gameplay inspired by Greek and Roman mythology! Embark on a challenging story-rich adventure and explore an unwelcoming fantasy world to discover the sinister secrets of a cursed ancient city.


Hilda's father is missing, and the girl travels to the cursed city to unravel this mystery. As a warrior of the Northwind Legion, she can use her unique powers to find her father and perhaps restore Aphes to its once-lost glory. But it won't be an easy mission, as the city swarms with powerful mythological beasts serving vengeful gods.


Start the exploration of the mysterious city to discover the following stages of a linear plot. You will direct the actions of Hilda – a red-haired warrior determined to save her father. On your way, you will visit many stunning and abandoned locations inspired by ancient architecture. But be ready – these ruins hide the presence of powerful monsters and enemies. You will encounter over sixty different beasts and twenty bosses in the game, so there's plenty to do!

Hilda uses six weapon types and can operate two at the same time. Each tool comes with extra powers and unique features, so it's crucial to develop the optimal combination for any situation. As in other soulslike titles, the heroine can upgrade her equipment and gain experience in a place that serves as her base on the game map. Aside from combat, Asterigos game heavily focuses on the story. By meeting NPCs and uncovering the city's secrets, Hilda will make decisions that will soon turn out crucial for the outcome of her spectacular adventure.

Key features:

  • Play a thrilling action RPG inspired by ancient mythology
  • Enjoy light soulslike gameplay rich in challenging quests
  • Explore the cursed city to decide its future
  • Fight powerful enemies and bosses
  • Use two weapons simultaneously to become a living killing machine