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Get on the board and lose yourself in the pirate adventure. Welcome to Blackwake – the best pirate action game where the hardships of life at sea will engage you from the very first second! Cooperate with the crew, compl …

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Product description​

Blackwake is an indie action video game developed and released by Mastfire Studios in 2020 for PC. It is also one of the few video games where you will enjoy the hardships of pirate life! If you are tired of the pretty views and friendly atmosphere of other first-person titles and prefer something more dirty and realistic – play the Blackwake game! The title collects very positive reviews on Steam and positive reviews on Reddit, praised for the polished combat system and fun multiplayer gameplay.


Join the crew and fight in epic sea battles! Black wake is an FPS title focusing on multiplayer combat for up to 54 players. Each player joins the game and receives a function: dealing with cannons, repairing damages, or delivering supplies. You can also be the captain! This job is selected through a voting process and includes responsibilities like deciding team actions and managing attacks. If the captain proves unqualified, the crew will choose the next one by voting.

Combat can be chaotic, especially during sudden weather changes, like a storm. Players use main and side weapons like muskets, mortars, pistols, and revolvers. The fights are intense and incredibly dynamic, so get ready for flying splinters, ship destruction, explosions, and death. When a ship is damaged, you can help repair it with a hammer or enthusiastically fulfill your duties by servicing the guns or restocking gunpowder.

Blackwake is a game where communication is vital. A developed contact system with other players allows you to play the pirate role and receive messages. You will instantly feel you are actually at sea! Players are used to commenting on their actions, making jokes, and even enjoying a sunny afternoon with a bottle of rum. If you've ever dreamed of a pirate experience, this game will meet your expectations.

Key features

  • Play a first-person action game about a pirate life
  • Perform your duties as a crew member
  • Cooperate with other players to coordinate your actions
  • Fight in brutal sea battles
  • Use an arsenal of weapons to defeat the enemy