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Company of Heroes 3 offers the player the complete RTS experience, set during the height of World War II. Fight your way through Northern Africa and Italy, employing the new tactical features. Control the situation on th …

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Product description​

Company of Heroes 3 is a real-time strategy wargame developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega. It is the third installment in the Company of Heroes series of games set during the Second World War.

CoH 3 introduced a new war theatre – the Mediterranean Sea. The player can engage in land skirmishes, aerial dogfights, and naval battles in Northern Africa and Italy. The game introduces various new mechanics as well as improvements upon the already existing ones to deliver the complete real-time tactics experience. Company of Heroes 3 features a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode.

Advanced combat tactics

One of the first features the players will notice in Company of Heroes 3 is the improved tactics system. The game allows the player to use a great variety of units, including land troops, airplanes, and various naval vessels. Each type is divided into smaller factions, which offer the player plenty of room for tactical maneuverability. Thanks to a diverse map featuring small Italian towns, the desert battlefields of Africa, and the open Mediterranean Sea, the player can enjoy planning different variations of their combat strategy.

Dynamic Campaign Map

The new feature of a Dynamic Campaign Map gives the player never-before-seen freedom in creating their battlefield. The player can create supply lines and strengthen their defenses, deploy units to weaken the enemy strongholds before launching a full-scale assault, or plan sabotage missions to cut off the enemy supply routes. Another new feature, the Full Tactical Pause, lets the player stop the game and stack various commands to be executed when the action resumes. That way, the player can plan their next moves without worrying about being snuck up on by the advancing enemy forces.

Interactive environments

Thanks to Relic Entertainment's Essence Engine, the player can experience the Mediterranean war effort like never before. Aside from offering the player a cinematic spectacle, Essence Engine influences the game's environments, opening new tactical options. Improved building physics allows using the collapsing walls against the enemy, burying them under the rubble. The newly formed barricade might serve as the perfect cover from the enemy fire.

The Mediterranean war theater

The Mediterranean region has seen some of the most brutal battles of the Second World War. Feel the heat of the battle on the scorching sands of El Alamein, fly through the skies over the Mediterranean Sea and cross its U-Boat-infested waters, and finally cross the hills and mountains of Italy, fighting your way towards Rome, and then – to Berlin.

Key features

  • A new war theater – the Mediterranean – encompassing the battles in North Africa and Italy.
  • Improved tactical gameplay, offering the player more in-depth control.
  • Diverse roster of units, including land, naval, and aerial units, as well as defensive assets.
  • Dynamic Campaign Map allows the player to shape battle opportunities.
  • Essence Engine adds cinematic flair and improves the physics of the game.