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Dakar 2018 – Famous race in the video gameDive into beautifully created open-world filled to the brim with challenging driving sessions.The Dakar is a very demanding competition. There are those who got lost along the wa …

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Dakar 2018 – Famous race in the video game

Dive into beautifully created open-world filled to the brim with challenging driving sessions.

The Dakar is a very demanding competition. There are those who got lost along the way and never reached the goal. The Portuguese company Bigmoon Entertainment has created a driving experience that has official licenses. The representation of scenarios (Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina) is done with the support of topographic technology, in a 1:4 ratio. Remember, that orientation is everything! Learn how to read the roadbook, it is essential to overcome the stages successfully. The level of fidelity is very high. Stop at the control points before the end of each stage as you would in a real race. Get ready for amazingly realistic experiences! Sometimes you will have to get off the vehicle and use a shovel to get your car out of a muddy area or help other competitors that have jammed, hooking a cable to help them out.

Help others to obtain Dakar Points (DP) that are used to fix your vehicle.

Participate in stages that can take between one and three hours. Each of the 14 stages Dakar 18 is divided into is an excellent orientation test in which you will only have a notebook to guide you (roadbook). In the middle of the desert, your only point of reference is a compass and the point where you must turn, interpreting the information provided by your co-pilot. Compete with several types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, quads, and trucks of several manufacturers, among which are Peugeot, Mini, Toyota, Mitsubishi. Enjoy realistic and well-adjusted suspension physics and spend hours during a captivating, driving adventure.

Open-World gameplay experience

Dakar 18 is the first 'cross-country rally game’ that provides the ultra-realistic open-world experience. Immerse yourself in a realistic racing simulation filled to the brim with all-terrain difficulties. Pass through fast land areas and gravel or very difficult stretches with mud and other obstacles. Use the so-called "road books" (provided by the pilots to the development team) to find the correct path to follow in each of the 14 sections through Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. The game promises to bring all the wealth of details concerning vehicles, pilots, and teams. Experience the full day-night cycle and dynamic weather that will put you in various difficult situations. Face the clock and be the fastest driver, but remember that you will have to know how to navigate. Complete the highest number of checkpoints as fast as you can. You will have the help of a map, the compass, and the annotations of your co-pilot. Some annotations are traced from hundreds of real notebooks of the Dakar races! The game has three levels of difficulty so that everyone can enjoy it. The different maps and stages of Dakar 18 were created from satellite data, so the realism is more than guaranteed: every piece of desert, every dune, every rock, and every road or goat trail is recreated to perfection. Feel as if you’re really competing in the Dakar, complete with that feeling of getting lost in the middle of nowhere and losing all the options of getting the best position.

Play with 5 official disciplines: cars, motorcycles, trucks, quads, and SxS and enjoy all the official drivers, all the teams, all the brands and sponsors of this year's edition of the Dakar. Experience many fantastic driving moments! Dakar 18 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Dive into a scenario of 15,000 square kilometers of the iconic dunes, beautiful fauna and flora, and plains where you can reach maximum speed.

Single-player and multiplayer racing

Compete in fierce multiplayer online competition or play offline to improve your racing skills. Dakar 18 features a complex career mode that has 14 stages, the multiplayer for 8 players, and the revolutionary split screen. Experience lonesome driving challenges while sitting at the wheel, in the middle of a completely open map, where you have to try to reach different checkpoints and reach the marked goal, collecting the best possible times. Turn to offline mode to train or develop your skills or choose a multiplayer online mode, designed primarily to compete with players around the world. Compete in tough multiplayer online races, as well as play offline to develop your navigation and racing skills. The game features a single-player mode, as well as multiplayer experience both online and in split screen.

Pre-order to be the first

Dakar 18 release date is September 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game offers a wide variety of official vehicles and a vast open world.

Pre-order the game to receive an amazing bonus that will allow you to play as Ari Vatanen – the winner of 2018 Dakar race. Buy Dakar 18 earlier and drive additional vehicle, an outstanding Peugeot 205 Turbo 16!

Key features:

  • Numerous vehicles and pilots: cars, motorcycles, quads, trucks! KTM: KTM motorcycle and pilot Sam Sunderland, PEUGEOT: Peugeot 3008 DKR and Peugeot riders, MINI: MINI John Cooper Works and Mini pilots, YAMAHA: Quad Yamaha Raptor and Alexis Hernandez, MAN: VEKA MAN truck.
  • Realistic physics of vehicles.
  • Photorealistic graphics
  • A huge open world containing 80 maps of 100 km2 each and encompasses 14 race tracks
  • Realistic navigation system.
  • Dynamic weather conditions based on a realistic simulation: the terrain changes according to weather conditions and poses new challenges!
  • Deformable terrain system: a real driving challenge with a realistic simulation of the terrain: earth, rock, mud, water, sand, and even sandstorms.
  • Rescue and repair tasks.
  • The game offers a complete multiplayer experience. Players connect to the same stage and compete to face exciting online challenges.