Darkest Dungeon 2 Steam Key Game


Meet new heroes, rush into a dark and cold world, and set off on an extremely dangerous journey that can cost you not only health but also life. Are you brave enough?

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Darkest Dungeon II (DD2) is the second part of a role-playing video game that will take you through the world of the apocalypse. Get ready for a long and difficult journey. In addition, it is not known whether you will be able to reach the destination in full squad. And if so, will the characters be in a good mental state?

Darkest Dungeon 2 is an RPG game that also has elements of roguelike and dungeon crawler styles. The first part was created in 2016. Both were produced by the independent team at Red Hook Studios.


The plot of the game is focused primarily on a journey through a world engulfed by an apocalypse. The main objective is to reach the mountain, which is the source of evil an consumes the world. During the game, it is worth finding the location of Shrines of Reflection. The world is an important place if you want to get even more into the atmosphere of the presented world and learn about the history of the characters present in the game.

You will have to manage four characters that will be chosen for you. Each of them differs primarily in their class, as well as skills and features that can be both very helpful and disturbing during the game. If you are a fan of the first Darkest Dungeon, you will probably recognize some of the characters, but there are also new, let’s say, heroes that you could control in the mysterious dark.


The land, which is the playing field, has been divided into smaller zones. Watch out for crossroads, that's where enemies willing to fight lurk, as well as ruins and dungeons ready to be explored. It may also happen that you meet a person in need there. Helping and fighting are two activities that help keep the fire that is needed to keep the characters you play alive.

There was also a theme known from the first part. Take care of your character's mental and physical condition. The relationships our characters maintain with each other are also important. Thanks to them, you will unlock additional helpful effects. Be careful not to stress the character too much in all this. When they are on the verge of madness, the relationship with the team will sour, and it may be necessary to rebuild them from scratch. You can reduce stress by going to an inn or playing cards.

Duels are made in turn-based mode, which means that you observe their course from the side. Think carefully about how you position your characters because winning depends on it.

Key Features:

  • Dive into a dark, apocalypse-ridden world in this RPG with roguelike elements
  • Wayne June reprises his role as the story's narrator
  • Pay attention to the stress level of the characters, which will increase as you progress in the game. As in the previous part, the duels take place in a turn-based mode