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Evil West is a new action-packed game created by Flying Wild Hog. In the game, players take on the role of a vampire hunter. Players will have a chance to use a broad, and lethal arsenal, during challenging encounters.

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Product description​

Evil West is an action, vampire-hunting game developed by Flying Wild Hog – the studio that stands behind a well-received gore, FPS game Shadow Warrior. Their new game is mixing up vampires, and other hellish creatures with a western backdrop, creating a unique combination.

The player will take on the role of Jesse Rentier, the last member of a mysterious group of vampire hunters. His main goal is pretty straightforward – eliminate all fiends, vampires, and demons. As the last of his kind, Jesse is the only hope for the United States. Even though the cause seems already lost, Jesse knows one thing that keeps him running – if it bleeds, you can definitely kill it.


Evil West video game features a story-driven campaign, tons of action, and countless hordes of hellish monsters. It is a 'beat'em all' kind of game, with a multitude of gore scenes. While on the hunt, Jesse Rentier is armed with a deadly arsenal that will terrorize even vampires. Besides regular Wild West weapons like a revolver or a Winchester-like rifle, our vampire hunter is equipped with a powerful, technologically advanced battle gauntlet featuring a number of functions.

Jesse can use its retractable blades to slash, stab, and decapitate enemies, deliver extremely powerful, devastating punch, and even electrocute his enemies with the power of lightning. With progression, players will unlock new perks and abilities that will let them create an ideal arsenal for their preferred playstyle. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the game features a co-op mode, where the player can team up with a friend, and take down hordes of monsters as a duo.

Key Features

  • You are the last hope for the United States – Jesse Rentier, the last vampire hunter will fight 'till his last breath
  • Use powerful and deadly arsenal – use devastating arsenal and lay waste among vampires and demons
  • Fight back hordes of monsters straight from hell – on your journey you will meet fearsome enemies, but that should not stop you
  • Unlock new perks and abilities – develop your skills as a vampire hunter and become even better at hunting bloodthirsty creatures
  • Invite your friend to the hunt – team-up with a friend in cooperation mode and fight hordes of monsters side-by-side