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Crawl through dark dungeons full of treasures. Explore wild forests and rocky roads. Fight monsters out of this world and restore Gloomhaven to its former glory! It is an epic adaptation of a board game where you will fi …

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Product description​

Gloomhaven is a tabletop digital adaptation of a turn-based fantasy board game, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and released by Asmodee Digital in 2021. The title was created by Isaac Childres and financed through a crowdfunding campaign. It is an immersive dungeon-crawling video game for all fans of cooperation, battling evil, and the epic nature of fantasy RPGs.


The magical world of Gloomhaven shrouds the chaos and war. Bloodthirsty creatures lurk on every corner, craving only the blood of reckless travelers. Gather a team of trusted warriors and set off on a journey to discover all the secrets of this mysterious realm! But remember – your survival depends entirely on your strategic sense and courageous heart.


Become a Guildmaster and lead your squad of fearless mercenaries through monumental forests and dark dungeon passages of the Gloomhaven video game. Start by designing a character in the extensive creator, determine unique classes, and create the team of your dreams! Every decision you make matters in this game, so choose your skills wisely with future encounters with monsters in mind.

Explore the wicked medieval world and prepare for undead, fairies, Lovecraftian monsters, and bizarre anomalies. There are tremendous wealth and glory at stake! Before each board game campaign, make sure you have your equipment, which can become necessary when crawling the dungeon.

Take part in turn-based duels using skills placed on a deck of cards. Choose your moves carefully – some monsters can be surprisingly powerful! The difficulty of the duels will depend on the number of members in the party and the skill level of your mercenaries. Demonstrate some of your strategist sense and manage the attacks and equipment. Use an arsenal of weapons and magic spells and eliminate hordes of enemies! This game is epic content with as many as 95 scenarios to play and hundreds of skills to develop. Get carried away by the adventure in Gloom Haven and prove your worth!

Players appreciate the close board game conversion and the lack of mindless grinding for money and level.

Key features

  • Play a digital adaptation of the ultimate fantasy board game
  • Create a party of unique characters and fight the monsters
  • Explore the supernatural world of Gloomhaven and discover places that have never been reached before
  • Fight in turn-based battles and develop your skills
  • Play in the single-player campaign or in an online co-op with up to 4 playersse than simple bandits.