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Race Driver: Grid (2008) is a racing video game that lets you drive dozens of cars on both real and fictional circuits across the world. Earn money by driving for other teams, then create your own and lead it to win.

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Product description​

Race Driver: GRID is a racing video game developed and published in 2008 by Codemasters. It is the seventh game in the TOCA series. The game lets you create your own racing team and lead it to win in a series of demanding events split into multiple various types, such as drifting and GT championships. GRID features officially licensed cards from many popular brands, such as Ferrari, Mazda, Audi, and Ford.


The game does not have a story. The only source of narrative in the game is the few cutscenes shown after certain conditions are met. They serve as introductory materials, explaining what you need to do in order to become a successful driver.


GRID combines arcade and simulation elements to deliver a better driving experience. At first, it lets you drive for other teams in order to earn money and reputation. Later on you will be given the opportunity to create your own team. The game consists of various racing events you need to participate in, in order to increase your reputation even further, giving you access to more lucrative but difficult races. Driving attracts new sponsors. Sponsors can significantly boost your earnings, but they have their requirements you will need to meet in order to bank the additional money, such as finishing the race no lower than 3rd and without taking damage. 

The main innovative element of the game is the flashback option, which allows us to rewind time a few seconds. This is a very useful feature that helps to correct some fatal mistakes without need to start the entire race over. If you happen to crash into the barrier or other participants, you can now simply rewind time and be more careful in order to avoid the accident.

Game Modes

The game offers three main modes to play. Grid World is a standard career mode and serves as the core of the gameplay, where you will spend most of your time. There is also a Race Day which allows playing a single race, as well as Multiplayer, which allows participating in racing events simultaneously with other players online.


Grid (2008) met with a very positive response from the critics. Reviewers and players alike noted the challenging gameplay and fantastic driving experience, which packs together the best of simulation and arcade driving worlds. They also liked the visuals, the instant replay option, and a multitude of available racing types.

Key features:

  • Sit behind the wheel of one of the dozens of cars, such as Mitsubishi Lancer, Pontiac Firebird, and Bugatti Veyron
  • Enjoy one of the best driving experiences up-to-date, appealing to both arcade and simulation fans
  • Participate in a series of various events, including GT championships, demolition derby, and drifting
  • Use flashback option to correct fatal mistakes – rewind time and replay the last few seconds of the race to avoid the crash
  • Earn money and reputation, improve your driving skills, and get to the top