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Gunfire Reborn is an independent roguelite FPS with RPG elements. Join our furry heroes in a fight against dangerous forces of evil, and face ever greater challenges as your combat capabilities continue to grow.

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Product description​

Gunfire Reborn is an action first-person shooter from an independent game studio, Duoyi Entertainment. It is a roguelite adventure that incorporates RPG elements. You can play this level-based video game alone or in an up to 4-player co-op. Gunfire Reborn has received mostly positive reviews and is praised for its addictive gameplay and similarity to the popular game series, Borderlands.


Furry characters

You can play as one of many furry heroes, each with unique abilities and best at different combat styles. Choose to be the master in the art of close combat, the lightning manipulator, a gunslinger, or an alchemy expert. Mix your play styles with more than 100 scrolls and multiple ascensions!

Random level-generator

Experience randomly-generated levels that make each match unique and only one of its kind. Thanks to the exotic level-design, every playthrough will definitely feel fresh and challenging. You will encounter different heroes, gather new items, experience different checkpoints and unique combat rhythms.

Wide variety of weapons

As a solid FPS title, Gunfire Reborn game features 40 weapons. The core of the gameplay is a constant fight against demonic forces. You can eliminate your enemies using a powerful arsenal of firearms ranging from machine guns, shotguns, bows, to even small dragons.

Key features

  • Fight using 100 different items and a wide variety of unique weapons
  • Join your friends in a co-op level-based experience, or play solo in this elaborate, yet randomized adventure
  • Choose your heroes and mix your playstyles with different game mechanisms
  • Enjoy a unique comic book art-style
  • Win the tiring battles against dangerous forces of evil