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Hero’s Hour is a fun indie strategy game developed by Benjamin Hauer and published by Goblinz Studio in 2022 on PC. In the game, players will explore procedurally generated maps, fight with enemies and create powerful ar …

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Product description​

Hero's Hour is an indie tactical strategy game with some RPG gameplay elements. It was developed by a single person – Benjamin Hauer, and released in 2022. During the game, players travel through a randomly-generated map, fight with enemy armies, and complete simple quests. The game is created using a simple 2D, pixel graphics. Hero's Hour received mostly positive reviews in the gaming community – players applauded the combination of simple visuals with very entertaining and engaging gameplay.

Gameplay mechanics

Hero's Hour combines turn-based elements with dynamic, real-time battles. Players will explore the fantasy game's world in turns – similarly to the popular Heroes of Might & Magic video game series. However, battles are being played out in real-time. During the encounters, players can observe hundreds of virtual soldiers fighting on a battlefield. Because fights are very fast, things can change rapidly.

Players can use various spells, skills, and commands to help their soldiers in victory. Or we can just spectate, treating the game like an auto battler. The game features 11 unique factions, each with a bit different playstyle and units – there is over 170 different kind of units in total.

Besides fighting battles and exploring procedurally generated maps, players will develop their cities and build various structures to create new troops and generate resources.

Even though the game does not feature any storyline, during the gameplay players may encounter stone obelisks that will begin a simple, randomly-generated quest, sending them to various places all over the map.

Hero's Hour offers a local multiplayer cooperation mode, allowing us to join forces with a friend (or with a computer-controlled ally), which creates new tactical possibilities and opportunities.

Key Features

  • Explore procedurally-generated maps, offering a new experience with each playthrough
  • Manage your city, build new structures and create powerful armies
  • Over 170 unique units, with different statistics and roles
  • 11 factions, offering unique mechanics, featuring different pros and cons
  • More than 20 hero classes, each with a different special ability