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Lead a mighty fleet and complete campaign missions to defeat the most powerful enemies. Every decision you make can make you lose or win! Here is Homeworld 3 – a beautiful installment of the famous series of space strate …

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Product description​

Homeworld 3 is the latest space strategy video game in the acclaimed Homeworld series, developed by Blackbird Interactive and released thanks to Gearbox Publishing in 2022 for PC. It is a breathtaking tale of intergalactic conflicts produced by the creators of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Explore new details of interstellar wars and join spectacular battles among the remains of ancient civilizations.


War comes and goes. After each conflict arrives an era of peace to change back into a time of blood and death – for this is the cycle of life. But when the Hyperspace Gate network shuts down, the galaxy is about to fall into chaos. This disturbance awakens Karan – the only person who can restore balance.


In Homeworld 3, you will play an extensive story campaign divided into a series of combat missions over which you will take the ultimate control. Take command of a fleet of space ships and fight a powerful enemy. But be careful – this won't be the usual space clash like other sci-fi titles. This game will introduce you to an enchanting 3D world where you will have to consider every element of the environment. The fights will occur among the gigantic ancient megaliths, and there will be deadly meteor showers.

Each of your units is a ship with a specific purpose, and it is up to you what tasks you assign to them. Choose a chaotic frontal attack or surprise the enemy by hiding in the shadows. Also, be prepared for epic explosions and the remnants of shattered ships floating in the air. Homeworld 3 is a video game where combat becomes an art! Play the single-player campaign and practice your strategic skills to confront the real enemy. In multiplayer mode, you will find brand new co-op and competitive modes. You can fight other players in PvP gameplay or complete missions together and earn fantastic rewards.

Key features

  • Discover a whole new chapter in the saga of the Homeworld series of games.
  • Manage the interstellar fleet and decide on the deployment of combat units.
  • Use the elements of the environment to your advantage and surprise the enemy.
  • Play an immersive campaign revealing an entirely new storyline.
  • Play solo or in multiplayer co-op or online PvP.