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King of Seas is an action role-playing game, in which the player takes on the role of an exiled royal heir-turned-pirate. Explore the procedurally generated world of the game and live the life among the true kings of the …

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Product description​

King of Seas is an action RPG developed by 3DClouds and published by Team17 Digital. The game takes the player to a procedurally generated world where they aim to become the most dreaded pirate of the seas. The game's main features include an open world map with a multitude of quests and missions to complete, atmospheric events that may make the player's voyages easier or harder, a skill-based combat system, and customizable ships. The early reception of KoS was mostly positive – the critics praised the naval combat mechanics and the atmospheric setting of the game. 

A pirate life for me 

The story of King of Seas game is set in a kingdom that has long banned piracy, sending all kings of the seas into exile. The player controls the heir to the royal thrown who find themselves facing a similar fate. The king has been slain, and all suspicion falls on the player. Unable to defend themselves from obvious treachery, the hero is banished and left with nothing. Soon, they find an opportunity to retaliate and discover the truth behind their father's murder as they enter the world of pirates, which seems less brutal and cruel than the air had initially believed. 

Prepare for battle! 

King of Seas gameplay focuses on several elements, most of which involve the player's ship. At the beginning of the game, the player will choose from four types of vessels, which they can freely customize. The player will spend most of the time exploring the procedurally generated map hidden behind the fog of war. Finding new locations will provide the opportunity for trading with the locals and completing quests to gain notoriety and experience. Throughout their journeys, the player will encounter enemy vessels, leading to a sea battle. During the battle, the player will be able to use various skills to turn the tide in their favor. The skills can be upgraded with experience points. Aside from naval battles and world exploration, the player will be able to enjoy other "pirate-y" activities, such as treasure hunting, fishing, etc. 

King of Seas Reception 

The initial opinions of King of Seas were mostly positive. The critics noted the game's expansive setting as one of its main selling points. Other features they pointed out as positives were the story, naval combat mechanics, and customization options. All in all, the consensus was that 3DClouds' title would be a perfect game for the fans of pirate-themed action RPGs. 

Key features 

  • Journey across the seas onboard your own pirate ship 
  • Experience the story of an exiled heir 
  • Loot, pillage, and plunder to your heart's content and watch the game world respond to your actions 
  • Engage enemy vessels and use various skills to gain an upper hand 
  • Enjoy your time sailing, fishing, or searching for treasures