Little Nightmares Complete Edition Steam Key


Do you remember your worst childhood nightmare? If not, then in Little Nightmares, you will relive it for sure. Buy Little Nightmares: Complete Edition and enjoy the ultimate horror gameplay for longer and better!

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Product description​

Little Nightmares Complete Edition is an expanded content for the arcade platform game produced in 2017 by Tarsier Studios. Play as Six – a tiny girl in a yellow cloak and experience true horror as you try to get out of the Maw. The Complete Edition includes all the DLC and cosmetic extras that will help you get the maximum out of your gameplay experience.

Llittle Nightmares Complete Edition Story

You find yourself in the Maw – a mysterious place ruled by visions from childhood nightmares. While everything may seem like a dream, the actual threat is real. You have to get out of this odd place by overcoming numerous obstacles and dangers along the way. Are you tough enough?


Little Nightmares is a 2.5D platform game in which the most significant thing is a spooky climate and your brilliant mind. If you skillfully overcome all obstacles and traps, the whole story will end well. If you make the slightest mistake, you can attract the attention of enemies much more powerful than you. You are only a little girl, so you cannot afford to confront the monsters. Explore, jump on platforms, sneak and solve logic puzzles. You will feel shivers down your spine more than once, but that is the essence of Little Nightmares fun!

What's included in the Complete Edition?

Little Nightmares Complete Edition is a guarantee of longer and even better fun in the universe of this excellent horror production. If you're wondering how this version of the game does in the Little Nightmares Complete Edition VS Normal comparison, check out the full content list first:

  • The base game of Little Nightmares
  • The Hideaway DLC
  • The Residence DLC
  • The Depths DLC
  • Upside-Down Teapot DLC
  • Scarecrow Sack DLC

As you see, Complete Edition makes the difference. And this difference is purely more gameplay, more monsters, more adventures, and more fun in the wicked world of Little Nightmares.


Little Nightmares has garnered many very positive reviews from critics and even more from players on Steam. Although it is a production for just a few hours of gameplay, it impresses with the precision of performance and a unique, dark character. As the players say in the comments section – this is not a typical jumpscare, but you can get scared, so it's worth it.

Key features

  • Play a Gamescom 2016 Indie Award-winning platformer
  • Play the role of a little girl and face children's nightmares
  • Explore, overcome obstacles and try to survive
  • Solve logical puzzles and continue your adventure
  • Sneak up to avoid attracting the attention of your opponents
  • Enjoy full content in the complete game edition