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Grab your rifle and enter the world of a true soldier experience. You’re not a hero, just a soldier on a mission. You can’t just brush off bullets, you need to be careful and rely on cooperation, planning and good aim to …

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Product description​

Among its peers, Operation Flashpoint Red River is a milsim shooter that stands out by focusing on a more slow and tactical approach to gameplay. You're playing as a soldier, not a hero who can just receive several shots to the chest and regenerate health behind a crate. In this game, you will have to think tactically and be patient if you want to survive, let alone complete your mission. Cooperate with your teammates, whether they are controlled by other players or the AI to complete your objectives. Take your time and don't rush at your enemies, their bullets are just as deadly as yours.

The plot

The story of Operation Flashpoint Red River takes place during a fiction conflict in Tajikistan in 2013 and the player takes control of the Outlaw 2 Bravo, a US Marine Corps fireteam. After a mortar attack on a US outpost in Afghanistan by East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the United States launch Operation Enduring Shield to wipe out the terrorist threat. Outlaw 2 Bravo will have to take enemy outposts and secure strategic locations. In addition to the terrorist group, another power joins the fight which may not bode well for the US. Operation Flashpoint Red River takes a different approach to showing an armed conflict and instead of fast-paced glorification of battle you will experience slow, anxiety-inducing excursions where a stray enemy bullet can end your life.


OF Red River is a tactical FPS. You can choose one of the four classes available in the game: rifleman, grenadier, scout, and automatic rifleman. Each of them has a unique set of skills and specializes in different tasks. During the course of the game, you will earn experience that you can later spend to unlock various upgrades, new weapons as well as perks that will drastically improve your performance on the battlefield. Scout, for example, can unlock a passive skill that reduces the amount of bullet drop.

The entire Operation Flashpoint Red River campaign is designed with co-op multiplayer in mind but you can play it solo with no problem. You can complete the game with up to three friends or fill the gap in the team with AI-controlled squadmates that are impressively capable. You can give them orders and they are sure to complete them. Good squad management and communication will be crucial to the success of the mission. Utilize each Marine class' special talents as well as specialized equipment and arsenal to even the odds against more numerous and better-positioned enemies!

Key features

  • Slow-paced tactical and brutal combat
  • Four Marine classes with unique skills
  • Specialized equipment and arsenal
  • Impressive and capable AI-controlled squadmates
  • Co-op multiplayer for up to four people