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Othercide is an RPG Indie game developed by Lightbulb Crew. In the game, players will join a group of female protagonists during exciting adventure aimed to destroy evil forces controlling the fantasy world.

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Product description​

Othercide game is an indie project developed by Lightbulb Crew and released in July 2020 by Focus Home Interactive. The game combines elements of an RPG game with turn-based tactics encounters. On this unique adventure, players will have to face forces of evil, endangering the future of whole humanity. The whole production is maintained in a dark, and depressing atmosphere. To achieve that, developers created an original design – the graphic is dominated by black and white colors, with some red elements.

Story Background

The action of Othercide takes place in a fantasy world dominated by mysterious evil forces from another dimension. The last hope for humanity is represented by a group of powerful heroines known as the Daughters. They decided to fight with the new, dangerous enemy no matter the cost.

Othercide Gameplay

The action of the game is presented from an isometric view. Spectacular turn-based encounters are the main element of Othercide gameplay. Combat in the game is very tactical and it is important to think ahead of your enemy. The game features a kind of 'action queue' which means that good planning of the encounter may result in effective and spectacular chain attacks. Each character is unique, featuring special abilities, and plays a different role in the team. For example, Shieldbearer characterizes with high defense, playing the role of a tank, Soulslinger is an expert in long-distance combat, while Blademaster is extremely deadly in close range encounters.

Fallen enemies will provide the Daughters with experience points that can be used to level up, and unlock access to more powerful abilities. In addition to that, heroines can improve their statistics using special 'memories' collected from defeated foes. It is worth mentioning that the game features permadeath, meaning that the death of any of Daughters is permanent and it's impossible to bring her back. To make things more interesting, developers decided to include occasional moral issues that players will have to deal with during the gameplay.


The game received very positive feedback from players and gaming critics. According to many players, Othercide offers a unique single-player experience. The community applauded mature and interesting story which together with spectacular and engaging combat creates great indie video game.

Key Features

  • Immerse into the dark world dominated by nightmares.
  • Join the Daughters on their quest to save the humanity.
  • Spectacular, turn-based tactic encounters.
  • Develop your team, unlocking new powerful abilities.
  • Engaging storyline with difficult moral choices.