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Outer Wilds takes the player to the farthest reaches of space, where a mysterious temporal phenomenon wiped out an ancient civilization. Explore the planets and find the clues behind the cataclysm before it’s too late.

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Product description​

Outer Wilds is an action-adventure game developed by Mobius Games and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game is set in a solar system stuck in a time loop, which resets every 22 minutes. The player, an unnamed astronaut, tasked with researching the system's ancient civilization, must figure out the cause of this phenomenon. 

Outer Wilds was met with positive critical reception, with the reviewers praising the original premise and intriguing time-loop gameplay mechanics.  

Exploration on the clock 

The main feature of Outer Wilds game is the time loop system incorporated in the gameplay. The player's mission is the time constantly resetting, as the system's star goes supernova and consumes all nearby planets.

The player's job is to explore each world and gather enough clues to continue their mission before the time-loop closes again and the astronaut is returned to the starting point of their mission. The player retains all knowledge of what happened in the previous loop – for example, finding a hidden message leading to a clue carries over, so the player can go straight for their objective and ignore looking for the message again. 

While exploring the alien worlds, the player will have to keep an eye on their health and oxygen levels. They can be replenished y locating a world with trees or returning to the ship to resupply. Dying before the loop ends returns the player to the start of the game 


The mysterious race of the Nomai left the clues of their once-great civilization scattered across a small planetary system. An unknown event causes the sun of the system to go supernova at specific time intervals, erasing all life. Your task is to explore the planets and discover the cause behind these events. Pack your gear, space cadet, its time for you to make your mark in the history of the universe.


Outer Wilds received a positive reception from the critics. The game was praised for its intriguing gameplay mechanics, requiring the player to find quick ways to explore the game's environment before time is reset again. The reviewers noted the title's interesting story, tied directly into its gameplay mechanics. Another positive feature was the changing environment, requiring the player to adjust their exploration strategies accordingly.

Key features:

  • Explore the system afflicted by a strange temporal phenomenon
  • Gather clues about the mysterious civilization of Nomai and find the cause of the time loops
  • Carefully traverse the ever-changing environment to locate hidden entrances and secret messages
  • Mind your oxygen levels, or you will find yourself back at the beginning of your adventure
  • Use different kinds of exploration gear to make your tasks easier