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Port Royale 4 is the next installment of popular economic strategy games. The new release of the game was developed by Gaming Minds Studio. In the game, the player has a chance to build his own trading empire in the Cari …

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Product description​

Port Royale 4 is another release of a known and respected series of economic strategy games developed by Gaming Mind Studios and released on PC in September 2020. Once again, players have an opportunity to change their initially small village into a capital city, and the center of the Caribbean trading empire. The game offers nice, three-dimensional graphics generated by the original graphics engine, created by Gaming Minds Studio. While creating the game, developers wanted to deliver a diverse, and engaging strategy game experience – PR4 features over 50 different types of buildings, more than 60 cities, and 18 ships.

Port Royale 4 Gameplay

PR4, just like previous games of the franchise, puts a strong focus on the economic aspect of the gameplay. The game is an advanced empire-building simulation, where understanding the basic rules of the economy is crucial. New governors will have to learn how to take care of every economic aspect of their empire. The trade is the most fundamental element of the gameplay in Port Royale 4. To change a small settlement into the center of the empire, it will be necessary to create whole trade chains, connecting multiple smaller, and greater towns and cities. Players will have an opportunity to establish new trade routes and contracts with 60 different cities and villages.

While creating new routes it's important to plan it wisely – most of the goods will be transported by sea and it's worth choosing the safest route possible, avoiding storms, shallow waters, pirates, or other high-risk areas. The map will inform us about the current wind direction, etc., making the planning process a bit simpler. The games feature 50 types of buildings that players can develop in their cities. To unlock some of them, it will be necessary to fulfill some tasks for the National Viceroy. Besides taking care of the economy, occasionally you will be in charge of your fleet during turn-based naval battles, as some situations will require you to use force against your rivals. During battles, players may perform a number of tactical maneuvers that can change the ultimate result of the encounter.

Game modes

The game offers a single-player experience only. Developers have prepared four different story Campaigns, featuring England, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Each nation is unique and offers a different experience, demanding a specific type of game style.

Extended Edition

Port Royale 4: Extended Edition enriches the PR4 experience by giving access to new in-game content:

  • 4 magnificent and unique lighthouses
  • 5 different beautiful parks with amazing sculptures


The game received generally favorable reviews among critics and the gaming community. Players applauded the advanced and well-developed economy mechanics, especially the fundamental element of the gameplay which is the trade. According to many reviewers, Port Royale 4 offers everything that economic strategy game enthusiasts are looking for.

Key Features

  • Become the powerful Caribbean governor.
  • 4 unique story Campaigns.
  • Establish new, and profitable trade chains.
  • Command your fleed during exciting naval battles.
  • Change your small town into a huge trading center.