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Embark on the adventure of your life as a professional alchemist in Moonbury. Play Potion Permit to experience wholesome gameplay with many unique characters. Work hard, and soon you will earn their respect and friendshi …

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Product description​

Potion Permit is a single-player jRPG developed by MassHive Media and released by PQube in 2022. The title combines adventure and life sim features, taking players to an inspiring magical world similar to farming games like Stardew Valley. Begin the most wholesome experience of your life! Play as an experienced alchemist and travel to Moonbury to become part of one of the warmest communities in role-playing games. If you are looking for a title that will always give that cozy feeling – this is your perfect choice.


When the mayor's daughter suffers from a mysterious condition, no one can make her feel better. To save the life and health of the girl, the medical organization sends one of its healers to the town. Unfortunately, the people of Moonbury are not the biggest fans of advanced medicine, and the hero's task will be to gain their trust.


Potion Permit game is a memorable role-playing adventure where you play as a professional alchemist starting his work in Moonbury. Your task will be to take care of the health of about thirty unique characters, making appointments for various diseases. The gameplay focuses on conducting a detailed examination, diagnosing, and creating an adequate medication. Solve thrilling mini-games to discover the best way to heal your patient! Each NPC is a unique personality, and soon all your efforts will make you get to know them better. Forge relationships, make friends, and discover secrets to become the most appreciated member of their charming community.

But there is also a second gameplay stage focusing on adventure. You will embark on risky expeditions to collect all essential ingredients for your effective potions. Get the necessary tools and hit the road! You will meet many dangerous animals and enemies, so always stay alert. The Potion Permit world also features various biomes making exploration full of unexpected changes in weather conditions. But the adventure is worth it because every minute in this game makes you stronger!

Key features:

  • Discover a thrilling role-playing game with life-sim elements inspired by games like Stardew Valley
  • Play as a professional alchemist to heal the people of Moonbury
  • Diagnose diseases and bond with new neighbors
  • Embark on risky adventures to get ingredients for your medicine
  • Develop your experience and become the most valuable member of the local community