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Play an alternative version of WWII history in Return to Castle Wolfenstein! Collect clues, explore climatic locations, and fight the bloodthirsty creations of the Nazi occult technology. Solo or in multiplayer!

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Product description​

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a sequel to the classic first-person shooter video game, developed in 2001 by Gray Matter Studios and released thanks to Bethesda. Play as fearless B. J. Blazkowicz and travel to the times of World War II to fight the Nazis. Prepare for paranormal events and unusual enemies out of this world! This title is one of the favorite games on Steam, praised for its high replayability and engaging plot.


B. J. Blazkowicz is an Office of Secret Actions agent trained for the worst. While he and his colleague investigate the mystery of Castle Wolfenstein, only the protagonist manages to escape. In a nearby gloomy village, he discovers the suspicious behavior of the Nazis removing remains from a local church. As it soon turns out, they are running advanced experiments that combine forgotten science with occult magic. And you are the only one who can stop them!


At the very beginning, the game will lead you to the suspicious behavior of the Nazis. Investigate this case by exploring, listening to people, and examining secret documents. You will soon discover their curiosity in the occult goes far beyond theory. And that the dark underworld hides hordes of bloodthirsty zombies and mutants. You will also encounter other supernatural soldiers like mummies, giant mutants, and skeletons.

Like in all good FPS titles, the RTCW video game is all about shooting. You can use various weapons, like grenades and flamethrowers or unique occult weapons. Pay attention, as your adversaries are intelligent beings who can effectively defend themselves. You will also have to sneak and solve various puzzles that will reveal valuable treasures or bits of information. And all this in an immersive setting, including locations like ancient castles, abandoned ruins, or gloomy villages. Return to Castle Wolfenstein also offers an addictive online multiplayer mode featuring engaging team battles.

Key features

  • Play as B. J. Blazkowicz and discover the mystery of the occult Nazi power
  • Examine bits of information and solve puzzles to earn valuable treasures
  • Explore gloomy locations full of bloodthirsty enemies
  • Use a vast arsenal of weapons and eliminate hordes of enemies
  • Play solo or in multiplayer