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A classic adventure game that doesn’t need to be disturbed. See for yourself what real detectives with a sense of humor can do!

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Product description​

Point and click adventure games have always had a dedicated fan base. We all know the legends of this genre, such as Broken Sword or Black Mirror – they have entered the history of computer games for good. In 2007, the equally popular adventure game "Sam and Max Save the World" saw the light of day, and a remastered version of this game was prepared for 2020. The graphics have been modernized to suit the present day, and the soundtrack has been enriched with new songs. It will also be available on Steam and compatible with Windows 10.

The main characters are the dog Sam and the rabbit Max, a brilliant duo of detectives who work for the independent police and conduct investigations. The game is divided into six episodes, each of which is characterized by originality and extraordinary character – we will be able to face the host of a popular TV show that imprisoned its audience, infiltrate the ranks of the mafia, support the hypnotized president of the United States, or even go to the moon. All these activities, seemingly unrelated to each other, have only one goal – the heroic duo must save the world from destruction.

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Who is motivated by the common good and who wants to protect their own skin? While solving many puzzles, we will interact with NPCs who will try to help us or, on the contrary – harm us, throw a false trail to divert the investigation into the wrong path. The pillar of the game is, of course, solving puzzles with the help of found items and using them according to the needs of the moment. We move between locations in the car, which will also be used during chase sequences – sometimes real detectives cannot let the suspects escape!

According to the best determinants of adventure games, we deal here with "point and click" controls – we point the mouse to the place we want to explore and click to give commands to the controlled characters. Sam's gun is also an interesting variety and realism of the detective's work, without which we would not be able to solve some puzzles. After all, not everything can be solved peacefully and with cool logic, especially when we are dealing with thugs, right? Sam and Max are well aware of this, so they are prepared for any eventuality.

The game is characterized by well-written characters and well-woven, unobtrusive humor, which adds flavor to the dialogues. Comic, fairy-tale graphics allow you to feel even more in the cool atmosphere of the world presented. The remastered version definitely improves the quality of textures and lighting, and also provides support for higher resolutions, which allows you to rediscover "Sam Max Save The World" again, this time in a modern version.

Key features

  • A great remaster of the popular Sam & Max game.
  • The possibility of experiencing already known adventures in a refreshed version.
  • A classic point & click adventure game with a perfect humor.
  • Riddles designed for all players – both experienced and inexperienced.
  • It is impossible not to like a captivating pair of main characters!