Secret Neighbor Steam Key PC Game


Play as the creepy neighbor and catch all the intruders, or play as one of the kids’ teammates and free your friend from the basement. Remember, you have to be faster than your opponent!

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Product description​

Secret Neighbor is a 2019 multiplayer spin-off belonging to the franchise of stealth horror Hello Neighbor video game, released in 2017 by Eerie Guest Studios. Secret Neighbor was created in cooperation with Dynamic Pixels and is available for PC on Steam. The players take on the role of the characters involved in the story: a group of children trying to free their friend or a very creepy neighbor. The gameplay gets incredibly hot when it turns out that you don't actually know who in the group is your true friend.


The action takes place in a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood. One of the children has gone missing, and his friends agree that their mate has probably been locked in a strange neighbor's basement. Forming a team, they break into his house in search of keys that can help them unlock the basement’s door.

The game takes place in multiplayer mode with the possibility of playing in a group of up to six players. The action is observed from the first-person perspective, which grants players to experience a bit of adrenaline rush during the encounters between the neighbor and the children. Players take on the role of a group of kids or a neighbor in disguise. As children, each of them can customize their appearance, and each is gifted with unique skills that allow them to survive. They break into the neighbor's house, and their task is to work closely together to find all the keys to the basement's door.

As a neighbor, the player has to dress up as one of the children. Nobody really knows who the neighbor claims to be, which means that there is a constant distrust among the children team towards other players. The neighbor chooses a class and style of play, which allows him to use his own special skills. He can hunt for children by hiding in the dark corridors of the house. He can scare them or set up some tricky traps. The possibilities are endless, after all, this is his house.


The Secret Neighbor computer game has collected thousands of positive reviews on Steam, where it is even described by some as better than the popular Among Us. The elements of horror and action-packed plot set in a cartoon-style world make it rather difficult to break away from this exciting title.

Key features

  • Play multiplayer and compete with people from all over the world
  • Work with other players in the team
  • Play as a neighbor and exercise your role-playing talents
  • Make good use of your class's skills
  • Feel the adrenaline rush and outsmart everyone
  • Be fast, effective, and sneaky
  • Try on some excellent outfits and customize your look