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Shadow Warrior 2 is the sequel of the FPS game created by Flying Wild Hog in 2013. In the game, players step into the role of a former Yakuza’s hitman, fighting with various monsters and demons that came to our world fro …

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Product description​

Shadow Warrior 2 is a direct continuation of a well-received FPS action shooter game developed by Flying Wild Hog and released in 2016. What's interesting, the game is a remastered version of a classic FPS shooter video game from the '90s with the same title. Developers managed to improve the game in many ways, including graphics and new gameplay mechanics. It is worth mentioning that the game supports online cooperation gameplay (up to 4 players).

Story Background

The action of the game takes place five years after the events presented in the first game. The world as we know it has changed significantly after the so-called Collision, during which the world of men and the world of demons merged. It resulted in bloody, years-lasting wars between the two races. However, humans and demons learned how to live together without tearing themselves to pieces. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever – the player once again takes the role of Lo Wang. During one of his 'little jobs' he rescues a woman responsible for creating a new dangerous drug known as the Shadow – being the source of new troubles.

Gameplay Mechanics

During the gameplay, players observe the action from the first-person perspective. In the game, we will spend most of our time slashing, smashing, and shooting our way through hordes of various enemies, using a wide arsenal of destructive weapons. The developers from Flying Wild Hog have introduced many new gameplay mechanics, to make the gameplay even more engaging and entertaining. In comparison to the first game, Shadow Warrior 2 features new RPG elements, allowing players to develop their character depending on their preferences and playstyle.

Additionally, the game is now much more 'open' – each level is filled with secrets and collectibles, and there are multiple paths to reach the objective. To make the adventure even more interesting, the game now features dynamic weather that changes during the gameplay. It is worth mentioning that the whole campaign can be played in cooperation mode during which players can fight side-by-side with up to three other friends.


Shadow Warrior 2 received many positive reviews from both, players and gaming experts. Many of them applauded new, RPG gameplay elements and appreciated more open construction of the game's levels. According to many players, slaying demons is even more entertaining than it was in the previous game, thanks to new weapons and abilities. The amount of positive feedback from players proves, that the game is an excellent position for everyone who loves action and carnage.

Key Features

  • Direct sequel of awesome Shado Warrior video game!
  • Face hordes of bloodthirsty demons from another dimension!
  • Choose your favorites from a wide selection of destructive weapons.
  • Discover the secret of the new drug – Shadow.
  • Play with up to 3 friends in exciting online cooperation mode.