Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (PC) Steam Key


Stand between the citizens of a besieged medieval city and invading forces in a desperate attempt at survival. Expand your camp, adapt, scavenge the occupied city and craft new tools. And hope that it’s enough.

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Product description​

In Siege Survival Gloria Victis in the medieval world of Gloria Victis, you'll find yourself inside a besieged city. The invading forces severely outnumber you and it will take time before the reinforcements arrive. You are on your own and with help of a small number of troops and citizens, you must hold. Survival won't be easy. It will take strategy and cunning as well as the ability to make tough decisions. Not everyone will make it and you'll have to make sacrifices along the way. The fate of the city and its people are in your hands.


Desperate times

Your primary objective in this base defending game is to survive until the reinforcements arrive. But your enemies won't make it easy for you. Under constant threat of attack, arrow fire and catapult barrage you must protect the citizens, tend to the wounded and make sure your camp has enough supplies. On top of that, you must make sure the invaders won't just storm you bastion and be prepared to repel frequent attacks. It's a dire situation if someone can make it, it's you.

Desperate measures

Your supplies are scarce and are dwindling with each day. People need to eat, but also need a roof over their heads, Your soldiers need weapons, armor and ammunition. To make do in this situation you must rely on crafting and resource management. You must find a way to distribute rations to keep people from starving and allow soldiers to defend their positions.

But you can't just create supplies out of a thin air. To get new tools and resources you'll need to leave the safety of your keep and go scavenging into the ransacked city under the cover of the night. You must avoid enemies patrolling the streets, unlock new routes to different districts and get as many supplies as you can before sunset. You'll encounter surviving citizens that you can rescue… or exploit for the good of the many.

Since its release, Siege Survival Gloria Victis has been receiving mostly positive reviews on Steam. Players appreciate an immersive medieval experience of making tough decisions and managing survivors in desperate situations.

Key Features

  • Keep invading forces at bay and defend your last bastion at all costs
  • Manage scarce resources and keep people from starving
  • Repel frequent attacks and prevent the enemy from storming your position
  • Scavenge destroyed city and avoid detection
  • Make difficult decisions and deal with moral dilemmas as not everyone can be saved