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Paris is on fire, and the automaton army destroys everything in its path. Someone has to stop Louis XVI’s vile aspirations! Play Steelrising as a living killing machine to turn the tide and uncover the darkest plot of yo …

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Product description​

Steelrising is a role-playing action video game developed by Spiders and released by Nacon in 2022. Travel back to the time of the French Revolution and experience an alternative history of Paris destroyed by an army of machines led by Louis XVI. This title is an adrenaline-fueled soulslike game where you'll learn about intrigue, honor, and the struggle for survival. The setting and captivating plot are just the beginning of the epic content you will discover during the game.


Welcome to Paris 1789 – the time of the French Revolution that never happened. The reason is the army of automatons led by Louis XVI, who slowly falls into madness. As a result, chaos and death reign in the streets of Paris. The city is on the brink of collapse, and only Marie Antoinette's robot can alter history.


Steelrising is insanely dynamic gameplay focused on combat and exploration. You will lead the actions of Aegis – Marie Antoinette's robotic servant sent on a special mission in the streets of Paris. During the game, you can choose one of several profiles for your character: a dancer, a soldier, a bodyguard, or an alchemist. Each introduces new skills and items that may prove crucial when fighting multiple enemies. You can also make a few cosmetic changes to personalize your character even more.

Follow a linear storyline and explore semi-open locations. The captivating story features many historical faces and dark intrigues forged by eminent figures of this world. But the gameplay's core is combat. As in other action souls-like titles, it is challenging and requires skillful use of abilities. Fortunately, the game offers the Assist Mode to adjust the difficulty level. The battles are dynamic and spectacular, as the heroine can use a variety of impressive moves and weapons. Their choice depends on the player's preferences and the chosen class. Each killed enemy is a source of valuable anima – a magical essence you can use for shopping or increasing your character's stats. You can do it at specially designated points, which also help regenerate your strength. But do not count on any map! In this game, you can only use the compass, so it's worth exploring the city carefully to find all the hidden treasures.

Key features:

  • Play a soulslike action RPG set in Paris during the French Revolution
  • Manage the actions of a killer robot in the service of Marie Antoinette
  • Lose yourself in the dramatic storyline and explore its linear chapters
  • Explore the city and fight enemy armies
  • Collect anima to develop statistics and buy new items