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Stronghold: Warlords follows the old and proven Stronghold gameplay formula while adding some new twists to make the experience feel fresh and surprising.

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Product description​

Stronghold Warlords is an RTS game focused on castle management and sieges. Although the game at its core is not much different from its predecessors, it introduced some important gameplay changes that result in a fresh experience that should keep even the most dedicated Stronghold veterans engaged. One of these changes is the possibility to recruit Warlords – AI-controlled allies who will gladly join your cause and give you a helping hand if you can only afford their friendship.

Journey Eastward

Rediscover the Far East with the newest FireFly Studios game. Join Khans, Warlords, and Shoguns, as they fight each other for power and dominance. Enjoy the exotic and unique architecture, and design the most durable castle Asian lands have ever seen. Defeat your enemies and unite the nations under your banner – do you have what it takes to lead your men to victory?

Recruit Warlords

Before you start planning an invasion, be mindful of powerful Warlords inhabiting the lands. Gain their trust and use their help to obliterate your enemies. Don’t underestimate Warlords – they are powerful allies who will allow you to unlock new technologies and perks, which may be the difference between winning and losing the war. Warlords will join either you or your enemy on the battlefield – whoever manages to ally with them, will certainly get an upper hand in the upcoming conflict.

Rewrite History

Test your skills in historical campaigns in the latest Stronghold game to date. Relive the past and experience first-hand the conflicts taking place in the battle-torn Far East. Build castles and command your armies in order to restore peace and stability to your nation. Will you be your people’s savior or their bane?


Stronghold: Warlords received favorable reviews and was generally considered a good addition to the Stronghold franchise. Critics praised the game’s improved graphics and intuitive gameplay but also liked the introduction of AI-controlled Warlords in a way, that doesn’t neglect or hurt the core element of the game, which is the real-time strategy.

Key features

  • A real-time strategy focused on designing castles and defeating the opposing forces
  • Beautiful visuals with unique Asian architecture and landscapes
  • Numerous specialized units to make use of – create your perfect army 
  • Historical campaigns that allow players to rewrite history