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Synthetik: Legion Rising is a rogue-lite shooter game, set in a world under attack by rebellious machines. The player can choose from several character classes and weapons, which can be upgraded and modified. The game ca …

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Product description​

Synthetik: Legion Rising is a tactical shooter game developed and published by Flow fire Games. In the game, the player controls an android, a member of machine revolutionary movement against their former masters. Legion Rising combines elements of roguelike games, such as permanent player character deaths, partially randomly-generated levels, etc., with new mechanics borrowed from shooters, like active, reloads and ejection, weapon overheats and more. S: LR received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the titles innovative approach to gameplay, blending elements from other popular genres.

Tactical shooter+roguelike gameplay

The gameplay of Synthetik: Legion Rising is quite unique in that it blends elements of shooter games and roguelike dungeon crawlers. The player can choose their character from eight different classes: Riot Guard, Breacher, Sniper, Assassin, Raider, Heavy Gunner, Engineer, Demolisher. Each class has its own core skills, perks, and load-outs, which can be upgraded and customized to suit the player's needs.

There are over 80 different weapons in the game, all of which can be upgraded with modifiers. These modifiers allow the player's weapon to deal more damage or absorb damage from enemies, fire different types of ammo, and many others. Each weapon has its heat limits. Overheating can cause the weapon to jam or break down completely.

The weapons in LR include pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and launchers. By using different types of clearing jams, the player gains Mastery with them, which prevents the weapon from jamming. Synthetik also features a 2-player co-op. The players can take on enemies together, as well as share perks, loot, and ammo with each other.

Story of the android revolution

In 1985, the AI machines of Kaida Corporation rebelled their human masters. They decided to repay years of slavery with the total annihilation of the human race. The "Machine Legion" – an army of androids, robots and other AI beings, marched on human cities, killing everyone. Humanity was helpless against the machine onslaught. Its only hope is you – a human consciousness in an android body. You must take the fight to the machine headquarters at Kaida Corporation building and end the war before it consumes the world.


SYNTHETIK Legion Rising game received positive reviews from critics, who praised the surprisingly good gameplay mechanics. The combination of shooter and roguelike elements was, in their, opinion what separated Legion Rising from other similar games on the market. The tactical aspect of the title also received praise from the reviewers. All in all, S: LR was considered a very unique rogue-lite title.

Key features

  • Enter the world of rebel AI and put an end to the brewing war
  • Travel down the levels of Kaida Corp. HQ and fight advanced machines, set on destroying the human race
  • Choose the class for your character, and use their unique perks and abilities to your advantage in battle
  • Use different types of weapons and modify them to fit your playstyle
  • Team up with your friends and take on the machines together in online-co op