Talisman Digital Edition Steam Key


Go on an epic adventure with your friends and prove that you’ve got what it takes to rule the land! Brave numerous perils and use your strength to complete your quest and find the Crown of command!

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Product description​

The computer version of Talisman is a great choice for any board game fan. Talisman Digital Edition offers the very essence of Talisman gameplay for up to 6 players who can enjoy the game online or in local multiplayer.

Story and setting

The world of Talisman is a wonderful place for any adventurer. It’s packed to the brim with quests, enemies and other challenges to overcome. The ultimate goal of any who seeks fortune is the legendary Crown of Command that hold the power to make anyone worthy, a true ruler of the land. 

Choose one of the sixteen characters. Each of them has unique strengths, special abilities, and weaknesses, so choose wisely. Characters also have their own pre-set alignments but they can change during the course of the game. This truly reflects the role-playing aspect of this classic fantasy title.


Adventure cards reflect the unpredictability of the journey. Most spaces on the board will require players to draw so-called adventure cards. adventure cards hold a plethora of various encounters. You can come across an enemy to fight or a companion who will join you. Or perhaps you will find a mysterious and powerful artefact. You can never be certain. But you can be certain that with adventure cards you can progress and find new equipment to make your character more and more powerful!

Key features

  • The officially licensed multiplayer version of the Talisman
  • Classic rules and gameplay
  • Multiplayer for up to 6 players
  • Setting full of surprises and adventures
  • Global leaderboards