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The Walking Dead: Saints u0026 Sinners is a VR first-person shooter game with elements of stealth, developed by Skybound Games and published by Skydance Interactive.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR first-person shooter game with elements of stealth, developed by Skybound Games and published by Skydance Interactive. The game is based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead series of graphic novels. In Saints & Sinners, the player is one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, which had turned most of the global population into undead walkers. The game is set in New Orleans and features various gameplay mechanics, including both stealth and direct combat, allowing the player to tailor their experience to their personal style. TWD: Saints & Sinners received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the game’s level of immersion and survivalist mechanics.

Keep calm and stay quiet

Saints and Sinners offers a lot of variety in how the player can approach the gameplay. Walkers are sensitive to sound, so making a lot of noise with shooting will draw the herd on the player’s back in no time. That’s why stealth is so important – the player can sneak upon unsuspecting enemies and taking them down quietly, without alerting others. In S&S the player has a whole assortment of melee weapons, from screwdrivers to machetes and hatchets. Each weapon has limited durability, so the player should be very careful while using them.

Always aim for the head

Of course, the player can still shoot their way out of trouble. The game gives the player a real arsenal of firearms, some of which can be used together with melee weapons. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, and a bow will surely come in handy while facing a horde of undead.

It’s a “man-versus-man” world now

Walkers aren’t the only threat awaiting the player in post-apocalyptic New Orleans. The city is ruled by different factions of bandits, waging a war against each other. Unlike the dead, humans are clever and will try to gain an upper hand over the player by flanking them. Aside from the bandits, New Orleans is inhabited by other survivors – normal folk doing all they can to survive the apocalypse. The player will have a chance to help them with their struggles or use them to the player’s advantage.

Explore New Orleans overrun by the dead

The setting of TWD: S&S is New Orleans – this once bustling city has now become a ruin overrun by the walkers and ruled by gangs of bandits. The player can explore different parts of the city that can be found on the map. These locations include Rampart, Memorial Lane, Bastion and others. The areas vary from each other in terms of landscape, enemies and loot the player can find. Finding items and crafting materials is an important part of exploring desolate New Orleans.

Previously on the Walking Dead…

It’s been one year since the apocalypse started and the dead started to walk the earth. In this harsh world, the winners are those who adapt and persevere no matter what. In the destroyed city of New Orleans, an ongoing war between groups of survivors rages on, while herds of walkers roam the empty streets. There is no place for sympathy here, and sometimes your survival will be at the cost of another person’s life…


The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners was met with positive reception. The reviewers praised the amount of content the developers managed to squeeze into their title, as well as the gameplay mechanics of fighting and scavenging in overrun New Orleans. The critics noted the solid writing and atmosphere of the game as other strong points of the title.

Key features

  • Feel the fear of the walking dead on your own skin
  • Explore New Orleans, scavenging and fighting for survival
  • Choose your approach – stay hidden and wait the walkers out or take them head-on
  • Beware the living – the bandits roaming the streets of the city will not hesitate to shoot you
  • Make your choice – sometimes your life will come at a cost of someone’s death