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Build a vehicle, overcome obstacles and conquer the farthest regions of the map. Take part in the multiplayer game and show other players what you are capable of on the global leaderboards!

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Product description​

Trailmakers is a sandbox building game focused on the exploration and released by Flashbulb Games in 2019. The simulation provides both solo and multiplayer gameplay and is about building machines and traversing a huge, bright world in which the player has to become a real pioneer.

Trailmakers Gameplay

The action of a video game takes place in a great desert full of obstacles. There are many hills, mountains, ramps, hops, and water pools. The player can explore this world as he wishes to discover all hidden locations.

Building a car that will allow you to travel faster can help you explore. Constructing vehicles is one of the most important goals of Trailmakers game, and the player's imagination at this point is completely unlimited. Creating vehicles is simple and quite intuitive because the whole process is very similar to creating structures from Lego bricks. You can build simple kart-like vehicles as well as planes, helicopters, or large and complex machines. The game allows you to traverse not only ground fields but the air and the water also. Of course, this requires upgrading your vehicle to make it able to face the conditions of a specific environment.

The fun does not stop at exploration and building. As you can play both solo and multiplayer gameplay, you can also build cars and use them to take part in online racing. Compete with other players, set up shared exploration trips, improve your vehicles and repair them when they get damaged. Let your imagination run wild!


Trailmakers has been well received in the community of exploration sandbox fans. The game has collected thousands of very positive reviews on Steam and is praised for the huge range of activities available during the game.

Key features

  • Become an explorer and search the colorful world
  • Go creative and build vehicles
  • Compete against players from all over the world
  • Improve and repair your cars
  • Create machines that allow you to get to the most distant places
  • Take part in shared expeditions with other players