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Transport Fever 2 is a continuation of a popular strategic transport simulator released in 2016. The game was developed by the Swiss studio Urban Games. As befits a transport specialist, we are responsible for developing …

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Product description​

The player has to take care of the transport infrastructure which consists of various means of transport such as cars, trains, airplanes or water vessels. Realistic three-dimensional graphics, detailed and alive metropolis, as well as carefully designed lighting and the environment, will certainly provide unique experience during the gameplay. Developers form Urban Games have also upgraded user interface, making it more clear and user-friendly.

Gameplay Mechanics

Transport Fever 2 is an excellent opportunity to test your logistics skills. The game makes us responsible for developing efficient and smooth transport infrastructure. It is worth mentioning that players will often encounter logistic challenges based on real life. The game features a variety of different vehicles – there are over 200 means of transportation form various times starting from horse carriages and ending on modern jets.

During the gameplay, the player will have to strategically develop new transport routes and improve those already existing in order to provide proper transportation flow. The player’s decisions should be well-thought and based on detailed statistics which are very helpful in maintaining satisfying services. What is important, during developing new transport routes, players should not forget about important air pollution regulations. Developers have also prepared a complex map editor which allows shaping the environment according to players’ personal preferences and needs. Players may pause the game at any time, load the save into the map editor and freely adjust it.


Transport Fever 2 for PC received very positive reviews among players community. According to the Steam platform, over 84% of the reviews are positive. Numerous mechanics improvements, detailed and realistic vehicles, huge and well-designed maps are just a few of many positive aspects of the game. Realistic and complex gameplay mechanics will attract many fans of the genre and a newly designed user interface will help a new player to understand how the game works.

Key features

  • A huge variety of vehicles – the game features over 200 different means of transportation such as trains, cars, busses, planes, ships and more.
  • Detailed and realistic environment – realistic physics engine together with advanced graphics and lighting system will provide an unforgettable experience.
  • Thousands of mods thanks to Steam Workshop support – browse through huge mods library created by other players, or create mode by yourself and share them with the community.
  • Realistic simulation of transport including traffic, pollution system, etc. – make a strategic decision and do what you can to provide the most efficient and environmentally friendly transport infrastructure.
  • Diverse landscapes – develop your transport routes on three different landscape types: moderate, dry, and tropical.